From our kitchen to your table

Chef Ashley and our culinary team are at your service. Using fresh, seasonal ingredients to craft both classic and contemporary dishes, they’ve made it that much easier for you to enjoy restaurant-quality fare in the comforts of your own home.Chef’s Counter offerings are available online as well as Rittenhouse, Ardmore & Franklin locations.
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Castelvetrano Olives

A nibbling favorite, the Castelvetrano olive is mild, buttery, and perfect for any olive enthusiast. Since last year, the Castelvetrano green, round olive has become quite a media darling, with chef’s worldwide raving about its mild flavor and meaty texture. At Di Bruno’s they are a favorite for nibbling during snack time. Buttery, rich, and temperately salty, these Sicily-grown olives are harvested young and imported fresh. Their mild taste lacks a pungent bitter taste, making them the perfect choice for refined and adventurous palates to cautious and safe olive-eaters. Chop and mix with cream cheese or egg salad for tasty sandwich or snack.