Agrumato Tangerine Olive Oil

Glides across the palate with the viscosity and peppery finish of a Tuscan olive oil. The lip-puckering ambrosia of Mount Olympus. Quick Facts Origin: Abruzzo, Italy Unit Size: 200 ML The Flavor Experience This agrumato oil is a tincture of fresh tangerine, nectar and bitter greens. it's lush mouthfeel and saccharine citrus aroma glide across the palate with the bitter, peppery finish of a Tuscan olive oil. The Story The genuine tangerine essence captured by this oil is owed to a whole-fruit milling technique. Hand-selected fresh tangerines are pressed with Olivastra, Gentile di Chieti, and Leccino olive cultivars on a traditional granite mill and centrifuged at a high-speed. Southern Italian agrumato oils are pressed at the close of the harvest and were traditionally kept by farmers to enjoy with family and friends rather than sold. Keep tradition alive by sharing this delectable treat with loved ones! Usage Tips Try pairing with Taleggio—the creamy butterfat funk of this classic morsel paired with Agrumato makes for a delectable creamsicle zest bite!