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Quite the cheese beauty, this goat's milk Taleggio is appropriately named after an emperor's queen. Hailing from Lombardy, this disc of dainty dairy is bathed in brine for a savory pop of flavor.  Quick Facts Country of Origin: Lombardy, Italy Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized Goat Rennet Type: Traditional The Flavor Experience Like a little satin pillow of Italian cheese, Domitilla has a velvety texture and floral/milky undertones. Brine washing brings a bright pop of salinity, contrasting nicely with the fudgy texture. It's similar to Taleggio, which also hails from Lombardy, but made from goat's milk instead of the traditional cow. The Story Produced and exported by CasArrigoni, who have been making traditional Lombardian cheeses for some time. Their line of goat's milk products is a newer practice. Domitilla in particular is made by the Arrigoni family and aged in the Valtaleggio, just as a traditional Taleggio is.  Usage Tips Usually Sauvignon Blanc would be recommended for a cow's milk cheese, but this beefy beauty stands up better to a glass of Beaujolais. You could also add Amarena cherries or an acidic fruity mustard.