Lost Bread Pretzel Shortbread (8)

"The Cookie of the Future" according to Food & Wine, so...you know. Quick Facts Origin:  Philadelphia Unit Size: 7 pcs The Flavor Experience Perfectly-balanced sweet & salty goodness that takes your tastebuds to the heavens and back. Buttery, but with a confident snap, these are your new favorites, whether you're employing them for salty pairing adventures (try Gorgonzola ) or gluttonous, sugary, escapades (try Soom Chocolate Tehini ! ) The Story Originally conceived of as a method to use up leftover soft pretzels, these have become a cult favorite in the Philadelphia area.  Day old pretzels are dried in the oven, then ground into breadcrumbs, at which point they are blended with shortbread dough.  They are then frozen, dipped in lye (as is traditional with pretzels) and then baked through to perfection.   Usage Tips Sumptuously toeing the line between sweet and salty, these can be used before or after dinner, or for snacking any time of day.  Use instead of the expected cracker on your cheese board, as a pairing for ice cream, or just eat straight out of the bag. Looking to graduate to the next level? Try pairing with Gorgonzola AND your favorite chocolate spread, all on the same bite!