Bartolini Bartolini Rigatoni Pasta

Delicious dry pasta made with artisanal durum wheat flour and cut on bronze molds. Traditionally tubular pasta, Bartolini Rigatoni pasta is slightly larger than penne, and perfect for baking in rich, meaty dishes. Quick Facts Origin: Umbria, Italy Unit Size: 17.6 oz. The Flavor Experience Imported from Umbria and made by a family with over 150 years of pasta making experience, Bartolini Rigatoni is made with artisinal Italian durum wheat flour, and cut on traditional bronze molds, giving it a porous texture. Rigatoni is an old standby, and the go-to pasta of choice for baking with sauce and meat. The Story Bartolini has been making fine Italian olive oil since 1850, near the town of Arrone, in Umbria. Their line of durum wheat pastas are made with the same care and dedication to tradition as their olive oils. Usage Tips Move over, ziti noodles. Rigatoni works just as well in baked dishes, and its larger shape provides a great hiding spot inside for extra melty mozzarella.