Bartolini Bartolini Torcetti Pasta

Hearty pasta twists that pair well with almost anything.   Quick Facts Origin:  Italy Unit Size: 1 lb. The Flavor Experience Porous pasta makes for bold flavor. That is the beauty of Bartolini Torcetti Pasta--it’s the same artisanal craftsmanship as you’ve come to expect from Barolini in a strong shape. These tiny twists are slowly dehydrated, which means they retain the highest possible value of proteins, gluten, and vitamins A. Plus, the porous dough we mentioned above makes for the perfect vessel to carry hearty sauces from plate to palate.  The Story Bartolini has been making fine Italian olive oil since 1850, near the town of Arrone, in Umbria. Their line of durum wheat pastas are made with the same care and dedication to tradition as their olive oils. Usage Tips Pour on some extra virgin olive oil, toss in parmesan, and add a little cracked pepper for an Umbrian take on cacio e pepe. Enjoy your twists with a rich meat sauce, or gratine with different types of cheese. Accompany with fresh herbs and garden veggies for a meal that would make your nonna proud.