Stone Sublimely Self Righteous Black Ipa Beer 12 Oz

First brewed briefly in 2007 as Stone 11th Anniversary Ale, this beer was an instant hit. We loved everything about it and missed it terribly when it was gone. So after long months full of serious jonesing, we brought it back full-time as Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Black IPA. It had a great run, but eventually black IPAs fell out of favor and this dark, dank beauty headed to retirement. Alas, such are the vagaries of craft beer. Cue a return of the serious jonesing. Like, really serious. On a nearly daily basis since then, our fans have reminded us of the indelible impression this beer left on them. So in acknowledgement of all the righteousness still in the world, in this beer, in your impeccable taste, we offer it up once again with its original artwork (by Edson Ruiz, who also contributed to our Stone IPA Guest Art Series). Be forewarned, this is a limited re-release. Enjoy now. Jones later. Remind yourself it's better than none at all. Or better yet, surprise the hell out of us and buy the crap out of this release, forcing us to bring it back once again. We won't complain! Enjoy fresh. Certified brewers association. Independent craft. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. (at)StoneBrewing. (hashtag)SublimelySelfRighteous. 8.7% alc/vol. 17.4 Brewed & bottled by Stone Brewing Escondido, CA & Richmond, VA. Made in the USA.