Bravazzi Hard Italian Soda Blood Orange

Inspired by gourmet Italian sodas and bursting with sun-ripened citrus flavor, Bravazzi dazzles with its naturally sweet, fizzy essence and fragrant aroma. We craft Bravazzi using only simple, clean, fresh ingredients for a bright, bubbly finish that’s truly delizioso. Bravazzi is totally natural and 100% gluten free, but it's much more flavorful than a hard seltzer because we add real fruit juice. Bravazzi Blood Orange Hard Italian Soda is distinctly bold, yet delightfully sweet and refreshing. Blended with real fruit juice: Naturally sweet from the start. A new kind of brew: Our unique cane sugar brewing process makes Bravazzi light tasting and naturally gluten free—so fresh flavor always shines through. Perfected for you: With a touch of bubbles, the finish is light, bright and totally delicious. Enjoy Bravazzi straight from the can, poured over ice or as part of your favorite cocktail. Contains 4.2% ABV. Bravazzi received top honors from the Beverage Tasting Institute, scoring exclusively gold and silver. Our founders created Bravazzi after falling in love with Italian sodas during their travels and studies in Italy. Bravazzi is majority female founded and owned. Please drink responsibly. © Crafted by Vivify Beverages, La Crosse, WI 54601