Owl's Brew Boozy Tea Pink

Amber ale blended with brewed darjeeling tea, hibiscus flower, fruit juices & agave nectar. The perfect double – brew. Est 2016. What's your (Hashtag)GFClife? Good. Clean. Fun. I drink (at)TheOwlsBrew when I. Good: We commit 1% of our net revenue to clean water initiatives. Water makes up more than 80% of our beverage (and our earth). Clean: We brew our beer and our tea with whole, real, ingredients, and never add flavors, concentrates, or essences. Fun: We're raising the fun flag with our tasty one-of-a-kind radler. What the Hoot? Beer & Tea! All Owl's Brew Radlers employ a double-brew process, and are finished off with juices. Here's how we make That's my Jam: Brew a crisp and refreshing amber ale. Fresh-brew organic darjeeling tea, organic hibiscus leaves. Add just a touch of strawberry and lemon juices. Blend it up and package it. Why'd we call it That's my Jam? Sure, the strawberry and hibiscus make for an awesome ( jammy) brew, but the truth is nothing makes us happier than to put our names on this flavor. Cheers, - Jenny & Maria. Please drink responsibly. 3.8% ABV. IBU 10.