Mc Clure's Bloody Mary Mix

Light and smooth body that can stand on it's own or take some boozy dilution. A new generation of bloody Mary drinkers rejoice! Quick Facts Origin: United States; Detroit, Michigan Unit Size: 32 oz. The Flavor Experience Made by beloved and ever hip brinery McClure’s, this mixer uses tomato paste dissolved into fresh-pressed cucumber juice as a refreshing base for their spicy pickle brine (we’ve got those, too). The brine brings complexity, as well as tang, for a bloody Mary that you won’t find on an airplane beverage cart. The Story Produced in the re-burgeoning city of Detroit, Michigan, Joe and Bob McClure make their pickle-products using their great-grandmother’s recipe and as much local produce as they can find. As for the bloody Mary, the cocktails’ origins remain unresolved. Some claim it was invented at the St. Regis hotel, others claim it is named for Ernst Hemingway’s widow. Others still attribute the name to Queen Mary I of England’s sobriquet “Bloody Mary.” Usage Tips Everyone likes to dress up their bloody Mary. To boost heat, try the well-rounded spiciness of Blis Blast Hot Sauce. We like a breadth of vegetable diversity in our cocktails, so add a dash or two of Fee Brother’s Celery Bitters or the leftover pickle juice Brooklyn Brine’s Fennel Beets. Next you’ll need garnishes: Spicy-sweet Peppadews or Crisp and Co.’s Dilly Beans are new classics, but you can get pretty serious with a skewer of cubed Mortadella and Anchovy-Stuffed Olives.