Bar Daddy Orgeat Syrup

Orgeat (or-zhat) dates back to the 18th century. Before refrigeration, there was no way to safely store dairy milk for drinking or cooking. Barley milk was a favorable, shelf stable alternative. Over time, barley was replaced with rich and flavorful almond milk. The resulting product was sweetened with orange or rose flower water. Before long, the new concoction ended up mixed with spirits, like rum and cognac. Fast forward to the 1940's tiki craze, Orgeat flavored some of the most popular, essential cocktails - like the Fogcutter and Mai Tai. These classic drinks are still enjoyed to this day. Handmade from whole ingredients, this product is generous in fatty almonds and adds tremendous texture and flavor to any mixed drink. Added mineral rich Redmond pink salt, rose blossom, and orange blossom create a deep, rich complexity that’s not to be missed.