Two Robbers Watermelon Cucumber Craft Hard Seltzer 6 12 Fl Oz Cans

Please drink responsibly. Cheers. Chapter 1: The beginning. It started with a simple idea - that hard seltzers could be so much more than what was out there. We set out to create drink that had a bold and crisp taste, with honest ingredients, no sugar, and no sweeteners. A brand that took inspiration from comic books of the 80s and skate culture of the 90s. A product that dared to be different in an industry that otherwise felt all too generic. And then – after months of testing different recipes, our home was broken into and robbed – twice within a few weeks! No joke. Bolt lock blown apart. Cops said it was a professional job. It seemed like the only thing they didn’t take was our recipe. We were this close to closing shop but instead, we doubled down. A year later, we finally launched two robbers. We think it’s the best tasting cleanest hard seltzer out there. We hope you enjoy. Cheers to the two robbers who were there from the beginning. P.S. If you love chapter 1, wait till you try chapter 2. Please recycle. Please recycle.