Willie's Superbrew Variety Pack 12pk

Mango & passionfruit. Pineapple & lime. Pomegranate & acai. Blueberry & lemon. 110 calories. Gluten free. Variety 12 pack (3 cans of each flavor). Hard seltzer with real fruit. Started by a surfer & a goat farmer. Drink real. Real fruit: It's absurd that alcohol companies don't have to say what's in their drinks. We believe: 1. We deserve to know what we're drinking. 2. Drinks should be made with real ingredients. 3. Real ingredients taste better. Real People: A goat farmer named willie and a surfer named Nico met over a game of beach volleyball. Willie shared his ginger brew, and they started selling it at Cape Cod farmers markets in 2015. Five years later, we're a growing team doing everything we can to change alcohol. Follow the journey. Instagram. Facebook. (at)drinksuperbrew. 3% Real Impact: People should get a voice in what companies do with their money. So we donate 3% of our profits to environmental causes, and our fans choose where every dime of it goes. Nominate causes, vote, and more at superbrew.com/ourpledge Fizz Fight: 1st Place - Best Hard Seltzer. Please recycle. 4.5% abv/vol. 9