Fee Bros. Gin Barrel Aged Orange Bitters

Clean and clear with a slight tea tone. Mellow cooked orange aroma, with dark spices and juniper with a slight caramelized aroma, reminiscent of herbal tea. Quick Facts Origin: USA, New York Unit Size: 5 oz. The Flavor Experience Fee's classic West Indian Orange Bitters are rested in Old Tom/ Ransom Gin casks for over six months. The Story Fee Bros. got their start way back in 1835 when Irish immigrant, Owen Fee first set foot on American soil. By 1847, Owen had opened a butcher shop which would eventually grow into a saloon and delicatessen in 1863. In the century that followed, Owen's sons, the original Fee Brothers, and eventually Owen's grandsons, would continue to make, import, and distribute booze before finally dropping alcoholic beverages altogether in favor of flavorings and syrups for cocktails. The Skinny on Fee's Bitters: During Prohibition, many folks as well as speakeasies made homemade liquor. Though this homemade liquor delivered the desired medicinal effects, getting it past the teeth was entirely a chore. The Fees developed their bitters and cordial syrup to make homemade booze more palatable. Usage Tips Use as you would orange bitters in a variety of classic cocktails.