Activate Energy Drink, Lemon Lime

A fresh dose of vitamins hid in the lid. 0 sugar. 5 calories. Naturally sweetened. Energy. Vitamins lose potency sitting in water. Vitamins and other healthy ingredients deteriorate sitting in water. So we keep ours separate in the cap for maximum freshness and potency. Activate. It's hid in the lid. Deterioration of vitamins in water. Vitamin B6 potency. In 30 days, vitamin B6 decreases by 24%. Studies show B vitamins help provide energy to the body. Please recycle; we do. Activate is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment. 100% essential B vitamins. The equivalent of: 8 bananas; 29 apples; 33 cups of blueberries + goji berry + yerba mate. No preservatives. Naturally sweetened with stevia.