Heywell Sparkling Water, Strawberry Lemon, Energy + Focus

Sparkling water with vitamins, adaptogens & super-herbs. 10 cal. 1g sugars. Gluten Free. Vegan. Organic caffeine. Non-GMO. Hey there, we are heywell. We believe wellness should be simpler & easier, for everyone, everyday. Made to give you energy focus. Find focus L-Theanine an amino acid naturally found in green tea that sharpens your focus when paired with caffeine. Stay strong with Schisandra an antioxidant super berry that helps you de-stress, sustain energy & concentration. Skip the stress with Ashwagandha an adaptogen that helps with fatigue & occasional stress. 75 mg organic caffeine lika a small cup of coffee. Wellness made simple. www.livingheywell.com. Please recycle.