Just For Mom Gift Box

To all the moms who put family before themselves, it’s time to gift a blissful ‘treat yourself' moment. Pamper her with a refreshing moisturizer, decadent chocolate, freshly-scented candle, and sweet caramel candies she can stash throughout purses and car consoles alike. It’s all she’ll need to escape reality, even if it’s only for a minute. Arrives in a sleek, black Di Bruno Bros. gift box and includes: Lothantique Lavender Hand Cream - Silky hand cream with sweet, floral shea butter. Light enough for everyday use and paraben-free and crafted by renowned French body care specialists. Ritual Honeycomb Toffee Chocolate Bar - Belizean chocolate and house-made honeycomb come together for a decadent treat with a sweet toffee crunch. Lightly floral with nectar flavors and a subtle wildflower freshness. dilo Cactus Flower Candle - These fresh, hand-poured candles are made with 100 percent USA-grown soy wax in the heart of Philadelphia. Notes of agave, black pepper, and yuzu come through with lingering notes of redwood as the wick burns. Le Bon Garçon Mango Passionfruit Caramels - Each tropical candy is spiced with ginger, and green cardamom for a sophisticated sweetness like only the French can master.