Petrossian 30 G Royal Ossetra Caviar

Firm grain gives the pop you desire. This is the caviar you’ve been waiting to grow-up for. Quick Facts Origin: (farmed in multiple locations worldwide) Animal Type: farmed Ossetra sturgeon The Flavor Experience An Ossetra you can feel good about! The complexity of this caviar comes from the maturity of the fish- Petrossian doesn’t yank roe from young sturgeon, which is good news for all parties. The fine grain pops on your palate just the way you always dreamed it would, allowing you to taste a full range from bright fruitiness to smooth nuttiness. The Story The French and Russians have been sharing secrets of high cuisine for a long time, and the caviar tradition emerges from this history of luxury. Fortunately, owing to Petrossian’s commitment to using mature, farmed sturgeon, you can enjoy Ossetra without fear of a rebellion! Usage Tips Skip the crème fraiche and use CHEESE! A young goat cheese or triple crème are ideal substitutes. Get them both in Coach Farm’s Triple Cream: spread a generous glob onto your blini and roe-away. Ossetra eats best with something cold and crisp: Champagne and vodka are traditional.