Petrossian Mini Blinis

Light and airy, the perfect one-bite diameter. Pile it high on this classic potato complement. Quick Facts Origin: N/A Animal Type: N/A The Flavor Experience These mini blini are the classic, unleavened potato pancake. Designed to carry, not overwhelm, the flavor and texture of caviar and other salted fishes, you may find yourself making up a few bites with every combination and permutation of cured fish and cultured cream at the table! The Story Associated with celebration, blini are a beloved dish enjoyed during “Cheese Week”, the last week before Lent in the Russian Orthodox tradition. Hear that? Who needs Mardi Gras when you have “Cheese Week” just begging for a luxurious dollop of caviar! Usage Tips This pack of sixteen allows for a variation of toppings. Don’t stop at caviar and smoked salmon. Consider Cole’s Spicy Tuna Pate or Ortiz Bonito Del Norte Ventresca (canned Albacore tuna belly!), and Cole’s Lemon Pepper Smoked Trout. You’re already four species down for you Feast of the Seven Fishes, and we’ve only had appetizers! Maybe you could do this more often.