Royal Alverta Caviar (Fka Transmontanus)

Large, soft grain lengthens the flavor. Absolute luxury achieves sustainability. Quick Facts Origin: California, United States Animal Type: White sturgeon The Flavor Experience SUSTAINABLE CAVIAR! Can you stand it? We can. Petrossian’s Royal Transmontanus is selected to mimic the flavor and texture of the renowned Ossetra, but is sourced from sustainably farmed California white sturgeon. The soft grain of this roe really lets the briny qualities extend across your palate, like sea salt on good butter. The Story Native to the Eastern pacific, the white sturgeon, Acipenser transmontanus, first showed potential as a farmed alternative to wild Caspian caviar (the capturing methods of which had devastating effects on the species) in the 1970s. Considering its novel position in aquaculture, and the long maturing age of the fish, wide availability of sustainable farmed caviar represents a very recent, but unarguably significant shift in the caviar industry. Any connoisseur of luxe cuisine can find some pride in this. Usage Tips You already put cream cheese on your bagel, so try a great cheese pairing for your Royal Transmontanus. We like young goat cheeses, like Andante Minuet, or a triple crème, like Delice de Bourgogne. Grab some Crisp and Co. Pinot Noir Beets as a palate cleanser or a novel garnish for your chilled vodka.