D'artagnan Foie Gras Medallion With Truffle

D'Artagnan's Grade-A foie gras, made with ducks fed a strict corn diet, for a sweeter, silkier flavor. Quick Facts Origin: United States Animal Type: Duck Size: 6 oz. The Flavor Experience D'Artagnan Foie Gras is a truly decadent flavor experience, perfect on everything from baguette to beef steak to a traditionally French mesclun salad. Made with cage-free ducks raised on a farm in the Hudson Valley, New York, this foie gras is smooth and sinfully delicious. The Story D'Artagnan was founded by French native Ariane Daguin in 1985, after working for a pâté producer in New York, and leaving to join the first foie gras duck farmers in the country. D'Artagnan's small farms are located around the world (from Scotland to New Zealand) are committed to humane, sustainable, and organic farming practices, and their animals are never given antibiotics or hormones. Usage Tips The latest trend to sweep through the ultra-hip bistros in Paris is adding a layer of foie gras to hamburgers, for a topping more indulgant than your average tomato slice and iceberg leaf.  Or just s eason lightly, and sear in a hot skillet for just 30 seconds per side.