Les Trois Petits Cochons Mousse Truffee

Enjoy truffle season all year round! An abundance of black truffles are sprinkled throughout this heavenly, silky mousse.  A classy and delicious requirement for your next party! Quick Facts Origin: United States Animal Type: Pork and Chicken The Flavor Experience You'd be forgiven for mistaking it for a dessert, but this truffle mousse isn't of the chocolate variety. This Mousse Truffée is a silky blend of pork and chicken livers, with sherry, a sweet French apertif known as Pineau, and an abundance of black truffles. Bright and commanding flavors, with a smooth, spreadable consistency. The Story There are two kinds of people in the world: those that hear the word "mousse" and think "chocolate dessert," and those who hear it and think "meat!" We're the latter, and we think you will be, too, once you have a taste of any of our creamy, complex, and delicious mousses. Usage Tips Red wine or white, Mousse Truffée will go with anything you have on hand. It pairs well with a citrusy white, or a full-bodied red.