Di Bruno Bros. Italian Market Style Pepperoni

An Italian-American classic which is mild, smooth and sure to please a wide variety of tastes and also works in a wide variety of dishes. Quick Facts Origin: New York, United States Animal Type:  Pig & Cow Size:  8 oz.    The Flavor Experience These little guys are the perfect size to eat as-you-go. Their ever-popular flavor; slightly spicy with a touch of smoke is a customer favorite. Their size may be convenient, but let’s face it – you love pepperoni, so get a few. The Story One of our most popular charcuterie items, this pepperoni is just as delicious on a homemade pizza as it is accompanying a strong Italian wine and another Di Bruno’s classic, imported sharp Provolone. Pepperoni, as we know it, may be less than 100 years old, but since it’s come on the scene, it has become the most popular pizza topping in the United States. In preparation for Super Bowl Sunday, Americans have been known to buy the equivalent of 40 million feet of pepperoni. This American original, overcoming a bad reputation as a cheap knock-off of authentic Italian salamis, is experiencing its renaissance as a great, unique, and beloved style. We fully support the re-burgeoning love for pepperoni! Usage Tips This is the pepperoni to eat as you walk down the street or wait for the train, and the narrow circumference allows for easy chunking for antipasto platters or snack trays. Our Italian Market Style Pepperoni happens to be just the right size for a hot dog bun, which we cannot believe is a coincidence. Wrap one of these peps in a slice of Auricchio Stravecchio sharp provolone, or lay them beside a smear of Taleggio, and stuff them into your warm-from-the-oven rolls. Then stuff them into your face.