Di Bruno Bros. Pepperoni Sicilian

A spicy pepperoni that is sure to please anyone looking for robust flavor from the charcuterie case. Quick Facts Origin: New York, United States Animal Type:  Pig & Cow Size: 12 oz.    The Flavor Experience A strong, zesty pepperoni cured with fennel seeds. Sicilian Pepperoni is fit to stand up against the strongest flavors and can be used to add a little heat to your next dish. One of the most popular items from the stronger side of our charcuterie case, and vice-versa. The Story Made from a mix of cured beef and pork, "pepperoni" is a popular American pizza topping with some serious Italian roots. Our Sicilian Pepperoni is bursting at the casing with bright, spicy flavor. Usage Tips Add to sandwiches and homemade pizzas for a piccante kick, or slice and stack next to a mild cheese on your next cheese plate.