Fermin Jamon Iberico

There’s Iberico cured ham...and then there’s all other cured meats. It’s known as the “Kobe beef of pork” for a reason. Quick Facts Origin: Spain Animal Type: Pig Unit Size: 2 oz. The Flavor Experience Not just any cured ham can call itself Iberico; it takes meat produced by special Iberico pigs native to Spain to earn the honor. Fermin Iberico Dry Cured Ham is rich in flavor, and has the distinct marbling exclusive to this type of ham. Cured for 36 months to ensure maximum flavor, Iberico Dry Cured Ham is lightly salty, and almost velvety in taste. The Story Fermin Martin and his wife Victoria started Fermin in 1956 in La Alberca, Spain, using artisanal methods to produce the finest cured pork products in the world. All these years later, the company is still family run, and Fermin Iberico ham was the first to enter the US market. Usage Tips This is too good to bury in a panini, so set a stack on your next antipasti plate next to a wedge of Manchego or Valdeón cheeses, for a culinary trip to Spain!