Maestri Coppa Italiana

Savory pork shoulder with supreme seasonings.  Quick Facts Origin: Italy Animal Type: Pig Size: 3 oz. The Flavor Experience Coppa slices have this magical quality of satisfying your savory cravings while also being melt-in-your-mouth smooth. Maestri’s take on the traditional pork shoulder curing stays true to the 6-month rule and doesn’t skimp on the spices. Peppered to perfection, each slice is a bit of heaven handmade for provolone.  The Story Maestri is a retailer of exclusively authentic Italian salumi sourced from various Italian regions depending on the particular type of meat. They only work with family-run producers and artisans, which is part of why Maestri is renowned for their quality, heritage, and artisan tradition. Their meats provide an authentic taste of Italy, right from your own American home. Usage Tips This peppery variety always pairs well with mild slices of provolone and green olives. Enjoy with a crisp white wine for a refresh between bites, or a hearty red to bring those robust flavors forward.