Maestri Jamon Serrano

Fine Iberico ham with a hint of Spanish spice.  Quick Facts Origin: Spain  Unit Size: 3 oz. The Flavor Experience Iberico is the best of the best in Spain, and Maestri’s selection is a cut above the rest. Lusciously-marbled meat finished with a warm serrano spice make for a complex bite with a subtle heat, a pinch of saltiness, and a subtle smoothness that’s as unique as the Catalonia region from whence it hails.  The Story Maestri is a retailer of exclusively authentic Italian salumi and prosciutto, sourced from various regions depending on the particular type of meat. They only work with family-run producers and artisans, which is part of why Maestri is renowned for their quality, heritage, and artisan tradition.  Usage Tips Too beautiful to bury deep in a panini (although it is a tasty layer to add). Put these slices on a cheeseboard for the world to see. Pair alongside Manchego or Valdeon to bring the Spanish flavor forward.