Maestri Salame Rustico

A snackable salame from the same birthplace as prosciutto.  Quick Facts Origin: Italy Animal Type:  Pig Size:  3 oz. The Flavor Experience Snacking is made easy with this classic salame from the Parma region that you already love for Prosciutto. The seasonings are simple and traditional - pepper, garlic and other natural spices. This is one of the most friendly cured meats around, and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. The Story Maestri is a retailer of exclusively authentic Italian salumi, sourced from various Italian regions depending on the particular type of meat. They only work with family-run producers and artisans, which is part of why Maestri is renowned for their quality, heritage and artisan tradition. Their meats provide an authentic taste of Italy, right from your own American home. Usage Tips Perfect party meat alert! Neutral spices make this salame great for all different palates, while expert craftsmanship makes it delicious for all. Layer in an Italian hoagie, serve on a party platter or crisp up in a pan and use as a "chip" for fondue.