Tempesta Nduja

Quick Facts Origin: Chicago, Illinois, United States Animal Type: Pig Size: 6 oz. The Flavor Experience Nduja is a traditional spread from Calabria with the flavor you love in hot soppressata or pepperoni but with a rich pâté-like texture. Be ahead of the gourmet curve with this relatively new addition to the American gastronomical world. The Story Based in Chicago, Nduja Artisans was started by a native Calabrian whose family has been making their own Nduja for five generations. Back in Italy, using techniques based down from father to son, the family would grow their own peppers and raise their own pig for Nduja. Today the Nduja Artisans product in made according to a traditional recipe, developed to take your palette straight to Calabria. Usage Tips Toast up a nice baguette or slice of Italian bread, smear on a little bit of warm Nduja, then top with our handmade Burrata and a bit of olive oil for the perfect snack. Or toss some into your pasta sauce to add an intensely savory and spicy kick. Use as a pizza topping, layer on sandwiches, or add to stews or scrambled eggs! A tender, spicy pork salami native to Calabria, Nduja is surprisingly versatile and adds an impressive flavor punch. Cured in a casing like firm salami, it maintains a soft texture, making it ideal for use as a spread.