Casella Casella Prosciutto Speciale

An American take on prosciutto that’s as irresistible as it is beautiful.  Quick Facts Origin: United States Unit Size:3 oz. The Flavor Experience Silky smooth prosciutto that tastes like it’s straight from the Parma. But, that’s the beauty of this gorgeous, vibrantly-colored, and delectably-marbled sliced ham. Slow roasted right here, in the United States, this Rhode Island-based prosciutto is making a name for itself--and for high-quality domestic prosciutto.  The Story Growing up in a small Tuscan farm, Cesare Casella was always surrounded by inspiring ingredients. From the fields of fresh rosemary to traveling to farms with local norcini (butchers) to learn their techniques, Casella has a storied past that comes alive in his incredible creations.  Usage Tips Enjoy slices alongside a pecorino romano on a cheese plate, or stacked atop salami and provolone in a panini.