Coarse and chewy. This is pure pork accompanied by very little spice. Quick Facts Origin: California, United States Animal Type: Pig The Flavor Experience Gentile is a traditional salami which has its roots in 1700's Parma. It is coarsely ground with a pronounced pork aroma. The Story Curemaster, Paul Bertolli, first became interested in charcuterie and the idea of pushing forward traditional italian foods near the end of his epic 10 year run behind the stoves at Berkley's Chez Panisse. For more than 20 years Paul has written, taught and spoken on the topic and even earned the title of Meat Scientist having completed a series of courses at Iowa States' Meat Science Lab. Paul continues to seek the knowledge held by the masters in Modena and Parma. Usage Tips Slice thick and enjoy with Fiore Sardo.