Jamon Iberico De Bellota

100% purebred Iberian pig, fed with the sweetest acorns in all of Spain. The king of cured meats, all the time, forever. Quick Facts Origin: western/southwestern Spain Animal Type: Black iberian pig The Flavor Experience Creamy, rich pig fat melts on your tongue with a savory-sweet and nutty finish. Truly a member of cuisine's upper echelon, earning its place alongside caviar, champagne, and wagyu. The Story If you're picturing little pink piggie banks right now, get that image out of your head. These hogs were roaming Spain in the time of the caveman, sleek and black with dark hooves and domesticated slowly over hundreds of years.The thick veins of fat running through these historical fellows causes the intensely beautiful marbling on this cured work of art, and their favorite pastime of running around and foraging for acorns keep the meat just lean enough to contrast the melty, sweet, decadent fat. Usage Tips A simply stunning cured meat such as this deserves a humble serving suggestion: Keep it simple with a high-end olive oil and the freshest bread you can find.