Salumeria Biellese Petite Jesu Sausage

Soft and velvety, ground coarse. Large and largely sour, a fine example of Old-World style Sausage Making. Quick Facts Origin: New York, United States Animal Type: Pig The Flavor Experience Made with wine, garlic and Berkshire pork, Petit Jesu is known 'round our way as "Little Big Baby Jesus." The casings are stitched together and stuffed full good raw pork, salt, and spices. Traditionally made in preparation for Christmas, they take 9 months to dry and weigh about 9 pounds; hence the name. The Story Salumeria Biellese opened up shop in Hell's kitchen way back in 1925. In their newly adopted country, two friends from Bielle, decided to offer old world style salumi with an emphasis on flavor and quality. 90 years later, they continue to do just that. Biellese's products have earned the Slow Foods Snail of Approval having been distinguished as "helping to create a good, clean fair food chain by how they purchase, prepare and provide..." Usage Tips French Butter, crusty bread, Edmund Fallot's Provencal mustard