Smoking Goose Dodge City

Coarse and moist. Coarse ground salami flavored with fennel pollen and pink peppercorn. Quick Facts Origin: Indiana, United States Animal Type: Pig The Flavor Experience Spice and Pork are in perfect balance here. Spicy pink peppercorns awaken the palate, but the finish is all anise. The Story Great Salumi starts with great pork. Smoking Goose sources their pork from independent Indiana farmers who care as much about their trade as Smoking Goose cares about theirs... and it shows. With every bite you can taste the slow process and the love. Extra details such as seam butchering and hand-tying are evidence of the craft and care that go into each Salami (work of art). Smoking Goose Meatery is a 2015 Good Food Awards winner. Usage Tips Serve with Absinthe.