Speck Dell Alto Adige Dry Cured Ham

If Alto Adige is Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, this is the Golden Ticket. Quick Facts Origin: Italy Animal Type: Pig The Flavor Experience A true treasure of Northern Italy made with secret seasoning concoctions, this smoky, cured ham transports you to Tyrol with each bite. Much lighter than the other smoked hams of the northern Alps, but more robust than our favorite Mediterranean hams. The Story The Speck Alto Adige Consortium, which is known in Italian as the Consorzio Tutela Speck Alto Adige, was established in 1992 by 17 producers, initially affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano, Italy. In 1996, the European Union awarded speck originating in South Tyrol the exclusive certification of protected geographic indication. Usage Tips With the amazing amount of smokiness going on here, look for clean, fresh or acidic flavors to pair with it. Try a speck and honey bruschetta, or throw it on a sweet, clean cheese from Switzerland. Who wants to party? Lightly smoked, three-month old Prosciutto from the Alto Adige. The first three months of Speck dell' Alto Adige are identical to that of Prosciutto di Parma. After a heavy salting, it is hung to dry in barns where it absorbs the flavor of the surrounding area. After 12 weeks, however, the prime cut of Prosciutto is sliced off, at which point it is rubbed with black pepper and juniper berries and lightly smoked over balsam wood. The result is the beautiful, silky-soft, pleasantly smoky Speck. Due to its full flavor and reasonable price, we always suggest Speck to the customer looking for a cooking Prosciutto. It melds well with so many other flavors: wrap it around scallops and pan sear in rosemary oil, cube it and saute with onions and peas for pasta, substitute it in place of Pancetta when making Carbonara (with Fiore Sardo DOP), or simply ask for it sliced and snack on it with your favorite table cheese. The possibilities are endless!