Surry Farms Surryano Ham

Distinctly American; smoky-sweet with buttery layers of fat. Quick Facts Origin: Surry, VA, USA Animal Type: rare heritage breed hogs The Flavor Experience Not a misspelling, I promise, but America's answer to the more famous serrano ham of Spain. The brilliant folks of Surry Farms, S. Wallace Edwards and sons, are tucked away in Virginia but dedicated to changing the course of cured meat history in the states by providing this smoked, sweet, and savory meat treat. The Story Surry, Virginia resides on the east coast of VA and dates back to the year 1652. With a population of around 7,000 and an area of less that a square mile, the town itself is essentially just a crossroads. In fact, earlier names of the town were exactly that: The Crossroads. In the surrounding county lies Surry Farms, not far from Jamestown, where the family-owned property has happily resided since 1926. Usage Tips Eat with ripe peaches or with crawfish and polenta, if ya wanna get fancy, or stick to a few slices with poached eggs and capers. Wanna drink? Have some beer, preferably a stout with a smooth finish.