Tanara Prosciutto Di Parma 30 Months Aged

Profoundly perfumed, a Parma staple; The quintessential prosciutto that you should never be without. Quick Facts Origin:  Italy Animal Type:  Pig Size: 4  oz. The Flavor Experience Renowned and beloved, what more can be said about our classic prosciutto? A blend of salty, nutty, piquant and sweet, the tradition and care is in every bite. Each leg is hand-selected, based on flavor profile and preference. The Story Parma, Italy is as rich in history and culture as it's famous meats are in flavor. Known also for its architecture and the University of Parma (one of the oldest in the world), it's located in the Emilia-Romagna region. Dating back to 183 BC, Parma has been through the historical gauntlet; sacked by Attila the Hun, falling under Charlemagne's rule, besieged by Emperor Frederick II, and a sufferer of feudalism, Parma has never lost its hold on encapsulating its own terroir in meats and cheeses to present to the rest of the world. Usage Tips Serve with an assortment of olives, marinated vegetables, and fresh buffalo milk mozzarella.