Birchrun Blue

Pennsylvania born and blued! Quick Facts Country of Origin: Chester Springs, PA Milk Type/Treatment: Raw Cow Rennet Type: Traditional The Flavor Experience A rare and difficult-to-come-by blue if you're not in the state of Pennsylvania, this naturally rinded farmstead cheese is a magnificent step towards putting America on the world's cheese radar. Just the right amount of fudgy and crumbly, just the right amount of kick, a true Goldilocks blue. The Story After supporting their family farm for 20+ years on the milk of their Holstein herd, the Miller family discovered that the milk alone wouldn't continue to support their livelihood. So they turned to cheesemaking in August of 2006, beginning with only 2 kinds of cheese. They have since expanded into other styles, and have been embraced easily into the world of farmstead American cheese with their standards, family charm, and excellent product. Usage Tips Keep it local and round up some other Pennsylvania treats, like 1732 Meats or Eclat fine chocolates. Grab come local coffee, too - we love Reanimator coffee, roasted right here in Philly.