Carles Roquefort

A welcoming Roquefort, with balanced saltiness and an addictive finish. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Rouergue, France Milk Type/Treatment: Raw Sheep Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience Complex, creamy and slightly salty, though not as aggressive as most Roquefort tend to be. The Story The smallest producer of Roquefort with the ability to export to The United States, and one of the few family-owned producers of Roquefort remaining.  Legend has it that blue cheese was first created - accidentally - when fresh cheese was left next to molding bread for several days.  Delphine Carles tips her hat to this by cultivating mold spores from local rye bread and inoculating her Roquefort with it.  Most who have tasted it believe that this method is what makes her Roquefort superior to all others. Usage Tips The 19th century gastronome Grimod de la Reyniere once said "Roquefort should be eaten on one's knees." And while you may be inclined to drop to your knees in reverence, you'll probably be OK with a chair.  But brace yourself, this is a tour de force.  Classically paired with Sauternes after dinner, it's also a brilliant topper for steak or burgers.  For an easy French sandwich, smear some on a chewy ficelle with good butter.