Point Reyes Blue Cheese

Prize-winning blue, mild and easygoing.  Quick Facts Country of Origin:  United States - California  Milk Type/Treatment:  Cow Rennet Type:  Vegetarian The Flavor Experience Rich, creamy, salty and sweet, Point Reyes captures the terroir from which it springs. It is an accessible, mild blue.  The Story Point Reyes production uses vegetable based rennet to create the curds, meaning that it is completely vegetarian. It is also certified kosher. This cheese is produced in the cliffs high above Tomales Bay in California from the raw milk of a single herd of Holsteins. Modeled after Danish Blue and Maytag, Point Reyes is mild and creamy with a perfect sweet and salty balance.  Usage Tips Pairs nicely with Port, Framboise, red grapes or Amarena cherries. This cheese works well with bitter greens or beef, with which it sings on a cheeseboard.