Rogue River Blue

A kaleidoscope of notes collide in this award-winning blue. Quick Facts Country of Origin:  Oregon, USA Milk Type/Treatment:  Raw Cow Rennet Type:  Animal The Flavor Experience An intoxicating blend of flavors from across the flavor spectrum: pear, clove, blackberry, vanilla, hazelnut, cocoa and even some bacon fat.    The Story The winner of countless accolades, including two Best in Show awards at the American Cheese Society (2009, 2011), this seasonal blue is one of the reasons we look forward to autumn.  Made with organic, raw milk, it is wrapped in syrah grape leaves that have been macerated in pear brandy.  This gives it not only a beautiful appearance, but a stunning flavor profile.  Only a limited amount is released every year, so it's best not to wait.  It is usually gone by December.  Usage Tips Savor after dinner with a glass of Port or Sherry, or feature it at the center of an epic cheese plate.