Roquefort Papillon

Rich, cooling paste, smoky and salty; The blue against which all others are compared; Melty, fudgy paste coursing with generous amounts of the mold bearing the same name as the cheese itself. Quick Facts Country of Origin: France Milk Type/Treatment: Raw Sheep Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience Roquefort Papillon is aged in caves in the side of Mount Combalou. The distinctive black label conceals a bone white paste that is teeming with flecks of blue. The paste has a cooling quality and a richness and depth of flavor one expects from raw sheep's milk. The Story One of the last truly cave-aged cheeses, Roquefort can traced back to antiquity. It was granted the first designation of origin in the year 1411. Legend has it that a young shepherd left his snack of cheese and sourdough bread in a cave while he pursued a potential paramour and when he returned a curious blue mold had taken hold in the paste. The result was history - delicious history. Usage Tips Sauternes is the de rigeur pairing with Roquefort but feel free to swap in another dessert wine or even Sherry. It's hard to resist just eating this cheese by the spoonful but pair it with sliced pears and honey roasted pecans and you won't be disappointed.