St. Agur

Buttery, sweet and a balanced salinity; A scrumtrulescent double cream blue from Auvergne for lovers of Brie and Brie lovers who don't think they like blues; Rich and creamy wins out over salty and blue, perfectly balanced. Quick Facts Country of Origin: France Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized Cow Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience The writing on the side of the distinctive green & gold foil reads "L'Intense." Though the octagonal wheel (easier to cut into wedges) contained within is much less in your face. Its easy going - striking-up-a-conversation-with-a-stranger-at-a-party-and-feeling-as-if-you've-known-them-your-entire-life easy-going. The Story St. Agur sounds like an ancient cheese made in a monastery in the French countryside but it is a relatively recent endeavor. It is made in Monts du Velay in the Southeast of France. This double cream blue is formed into octagonal wheels (easier to cut into wedges) and hand salted before being aged for about two months. Usage Tips St. Agur's buttery, creamy texture pairs well with something smooth, chocolatey and rich, like an Imperial stout or porter. Throw in some Cinnful Cocoa pecans and dried sour cherries for a dessert-y snack.