A rich, buttermilk-y flavor with a long finish; Expect a softer, creamier texture from this raw milk blue developed by New Yorker Joe Schneider in conjunction with Neal's Yard Dairy; One of the best blues in England—made by a Yank! Quick Facts Country of Origin: UK Milk Type/Treatment: Raw Cow Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience A cooperative effort between cheesemaker Joe Schneider and British cheese wizard Randolph Hodgson—of Neal's Yard Dairy. Using raw milk and working in small batches this is stilton as it was made prior to industrialization. Like any true artisan product it can vary from batch to batch but expect a creamier paste than traditional stilton and a stronger finish—almost boozy at times. The Story Stichelton, an old English word for the village of Stilton, derives from the Domesday Book from the reign of William the Conqueror. The cheese is named thusly due to PDO status for Stilton in the EU. If we had our druthers we would proclaim this cheese the truest representation of the Stilton available. Joe Schneider uses organic, raw milk to make Stichelton. It's a true labor of love—the curd is slowly acidified and hand ladled into molds then aged for four months. The cheese is a unique collaboration between Neal's Yard Dairy, Joe Schneider and the farm at the Welbeck Estate where the milk is sourced. Usage Tips Cut a chocolate covered pajarero fig in half. Slather stichelton on the face of said fig. Devour. Repeat as necessary. Like Stilton, Stichelton favors something rich and sweet and high alcohol for a dancing partner. A port or perhaps a belgian quad. Nothing in half-measures here.