Valdeon Cheese

Underneath the sycamore leaves (or in the case of FDA regulated Valdeon—foil printed with pictures of leaves) this bold mixed milk cheese is fudgy and not for the faint of heart. Valdeon—he's kind of a big deal. He has many leatherbound books. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Spain Milk Type/Treatment: Mixed - Pasteurized Cow & Goat Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience Valdeon can often be one of the stronger wheels in the cheese case. But younger wheels are often nuanced and nutty with a lovely creamy texture. The characteristic earthiness and strong finish of Valdeon were at one time attributable to the sycamore leaves concealing a natural rind. The Story Valdeon was at one time—till recently—wrapped in Sycamore leaves. The leaves were at once protective of the rind and imparted an earthy note that—despite the departure from tradition—can still be found in the foil-wrapped versions found at cheese counters today. Usage Tips Valdeon can be a formidable match on a plate. It needs an equally strong partner so try a strong Belgian Ale or a fruity red wine. Drizzle just a touch of white truffle honey atop Valdeon for an earthy, ethereal treat.