Abundantly Good Jalapeno Colby Cheese

Eat cheese to do good! All Philabundance cheese sales benefit the region’s largest hunger relief organization Quick Facts Origin:  United States - Pennsylvania Milk Type/Treatment:  Raw Cow Rennet Type:  Animal The Flavor Experience An easy melting cheese spiked with fresh and hot jalapeno pepper flavor. It's got a kick, and we like that.  The Story We've partnered with  Philabundance , an amazing local food bank and food rescue program. With  Upcycle and Uplift , we're working to create nutritious food from surplus farm products. High quality products crafted with the highest ideals in mind.  These Colby cheeses are made at Sunset Farms, a small third-generation family farm with 50 dairy cows run by Jacob Bieler out in Ronks, PA. His focus on the comfort of the cows and giving them the least stressful environment possible to live in. (Lucky cows!) This quality care leads to great  rBST (antibiotic) free milk, which in turn leads to delicious cheese. Usage Tips Colby cheese is one of the true American-made styles, and you can treat it similarly to a Parm or a cheddar. We like the hot colby shredded into an omelette with some greens, or melted down as the base cheese for a spicy queso dip. You could also just enjoy slices as a snack with your favorite hoppy or malty beer.