Albala Tierno W/Rosemary & Honey

Imagine Manchego swathed in a rosemary cape... Quick Facts Country of Origin: Spain Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized Sheep Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience A buttery firm sheep's milk cheese (imagine the interior of Manchego) with an eye-catching rind that's been coated in rosemary and honey. Herbaceous and accessible, but still with a hint of cheese decadence.  The Story A World Cheese Awards winner! Produced in limited quantities using milk from Manchega sheep - the same ones that produce the milk that makes Manchego cheese. This is an elusive cheese that is not often available, so enjoy it while it is!  Usage Tips A rind so pretty deserves to be seen, so either slice this for a cheese board or serve the whole hunk. The rosemary rind is completely edible - encourage your cheese-eating friends to taste it! Pair with a neutral honey and marcona almonds, or a mildly spiced fig jam.