Alta Badia

Supple and nutty with a familiar finish; creamy on the tongue but firm in the hand; a cheese that tastes like cheese! Quick Facts Country of Origin: Italy Milk Type/Treatment:   Raw cow's milk Rennet Type:  Animal The Flavor Experience Almost reminiscent of classic American cheddars, this cheese truly transports the palate to the land of "simply delicious". When one thinks of the flavor of cheese in general, this beauty of Northern Italy is the poster child indeed. In short, if you like cheese, you'll like Alta Badia. The Story Made so close to Switzerland and Austria, Alta Badia has some "Swissy" characteristics while still maintaining the oomph of Northern Italy. Aged around 180 days, and made from whole milk offered up by a cooperative of farms in the area, this cheese gently whispers tradition and silently nods to the fruitfulness of its homeland while boldly entering the palate like a prince regent of flavor. Usage Tips Classic cheese flavor deserves classic cheese pairings: try fresh figs or fig jam, throw in a sprig of fresh herbs (like sage!), and sip on a mild chardonnay with a hint of oak.