Belper Knolle

Magical nuggets of garlicky flavor, perfect for sprinkling. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Switzerland  Milk Type/Treatment:  Cow Rennet Type: Animal    The Flavor Experience Don’t let this tiny nugget fool you — what it lacks in size it makes up for in flavor. Made from fresh, raw cow’s milk, each wheel is infused with Himalayan salt, garlic, and rolled in black pepper before drying for 12 months. The result is dense, flavor-packed balls that add the extra dash you need for next-level pasta, eggs, or salad.  The Story The folks at JUMI create cheese using the same traditional methods Emmental Valley cheese makers have for five generations before them. Sourcing milk from local dairy farmers in the region, Mike Glauser and Jurg Wyss have created some of the world’s most unique and iconic cheeses sold across the globe.    Usage Tips Grate over creamy polenta, a plate of scrambled eggs, or a fresh spinach salad.