Sweet cream and toasted nuts; Creamy and dense with a smooth finish;  Cotton candy notes and fudgy texture, like a Jersey Shore snack. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Holland Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized Goat Rennet Type: Traditional The Flavor Experience Sweet and nutty flavors dominate up front, but are braced with a pleasant savoriness in the finish.  Texturally dense, smooth and rich, not unlike fudge.  The Story Goat milk is not typically used for producing aged cheeses, or Goudas of any age.  But when the affineur is the preeminent Gouda maturer in the world, anything is possible.  Betty lets Brabander rest at temperatures higher than normal, which elicits savory notes  and a slight gaminess that are not commonly found in Gouda.  That is not to say that the expected sweetness and nuttiness are absent, they simply exist in harmony with other flavors in the spectrum. Usage Tips Pair with Beaujolais, Pinot Noir, or a Stout or Porter, and always have a small bowl of Cinnful Cocoa Pecans on hand! Or, pick up some Brins Banana Jam and create some grilled cheese magic like this masterpiece below!